Military Basic Allowance for Housing – 2016

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The US government provides a generous amount of Basic Allowance for Quarters, commonly known as “Housing Allowance,” for our service members in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area.


I cannot recommend a single E-5 or below to purchase a house in our region. It would be in your interest to rent with a room mate and save as much money as you can, rather than buy a house with the salary of an E-5.
But for others, the BAH allows a typical SFC through CPT to afford a $600,000 home without dipping into his or her Base Pay. Even with the scheduled termination of double BAHs for dual military couples in 2017, The double amount of Base Pay can allow a dual military couple to purchase a home in the million dollar range.

However, a senior officer, including Generals and Admirals, will have to dip into their Base Pay salary, if desiring a home in the million dollar range, even with 20% down payment in cash.

For most Field Grade Officers and Senior NCOs in the region, homes in the range of $500,000- $800,000 is the prime price point. Just remember, there is luxury at every price point. I will help you find that luxury housing for you and your family.

The chart below lists the BAH for 2016 for the District of Columbia rates. This includes DC, Montgomery county, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

E-1 $2,184 $1,767
E-2 $2,184 $1,767
E-3 $2,184 $1,767
E-4 $2,184 $1,767
E-5 $2,268 $1,986
E-6 $2,667 $2,109
E-7 $2,679 $2,190
E-8 $2,691 $2,349
E-9 $2,811 $2,469
W-1 $2,673 $2,154
W-2 $2,685 $2,343
W-3 $2,703 $2,484
W-4 $2,853 $2,670
W-5 $3,039 $2,679
O-1E $2,682 $2,268
O-2E $2,697 $2,445
O-3E $2,883 $2,667
O-1 $2,316 $2,100
O-2 $2,661 $2,241
O-3 $2,700 $2,523
O-4 $3,108 $2,673
O-5 $3,408 $2,682
O-6 $3,438 $2,694
O-7 $3,471 $2,748

* Data provided by the Department of Defense as of January 2016.
All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should
there be questions, refer to the DOD pay table.

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